Isaiah 66:9

And oh, how she wondered how to crawl back.   
She thought back to how she had once relished in His love for her, 
 yet how often she doubted it even this day.  Could He?  
 Would He welcome her?  Could His perfect love be the thing to fight against everything? 
 Moments of memory drifted through her questioning mind.   
That day when she sang in a field, tears pouring,
 trusting His heart because she had nothing else.   
That evening when she walked, heavily leaning in His arms, to a life-changing meeting.   
Those hours, endless hours that broke her heart.  
 But, in those hours how she had gotten to know His voice, knowing His heart. 
 So she sat, mostly motionless, almost numb for wondering.   
Slowly she poured out her thoughts, her heart questioning whether He would hear her plea for mercy.  Would He show up, once again to be her Redeemer? 
 She thought back to those days and evenings 
when she was taught about responsibility and being intentional. 
 Looking back, she saw how distracted she had become…distracted by everything but Him.   
Distracted by that performance she held so dear, 
distracted so blindly that she had only distant memories
 and whispers of His love and acceptance of her. 
 So once again, she allowed Him to pick her up.   
She longed for Him to say something profound, something that would heal the entire ache that instant.  Gently, He turned her around in the direction from which she had been wondering. 
 Gently, He took her hand, and reminded her she would never walk alone.


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