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I Must Decrease, So He Can Increase.

Isaac dreams. Those dreams we've long prayed for.
They come.  Full-blown with blessing.
The rains come and suddenly, nothing is as we thought.
Our altars are prepared.  Our knives are ready.
We pray for deliverance, yet our eyes are so small.
The picture we see is a dim shadow.
Our hearts wonder if we heard wrong.
With tears flowing, the rains come in, washing our dreams.
We kneel.  We release.  We ache for letting go.
Doubt is large, and questions are abundant.
Our faith is small.
Eyes close, pain etched into our faces.
Yet we trust, trust that something greater will come.
We stand, knife lifted, ready for the death of a dream.
The time has come.  But.  Wait.
Our eyes light upon that ram.  Caught deep in a bush.
The sacrifice.
The sun shines down on our faces.
Our hearts, humbled by grace.
Our dreams,they were always His.

Lately, a theme in my life has been <being small, so God's glory can sh…