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A Letter to Anyone

Dear man-in-the-suit, to busy to notice all the people around you.  You are noticed.  Maybe not by all the people around us, but there is One.  I wonder if you know Him.  Could you tell me how to continue on?  Could you tell me how His heart is?  Or have you chosen not to notice?  I really don't know, I'm just curious.  I see you talking so passionately to whoever is on the other end of your headset; I wonder if my passion for talking to God looks like that.  Ahhh, is my worship more than just words or the occasional hour or two every week?  Man-in-the-suit, thank you for the perspective you will never know that you gave me.

Dear boy-finding-yourself, you walked in, I almost think you were scared of yourself and everything and everyone around you.  You timidly walked near a table that was a bit away from my chair, your actions speaking largely of insecurity.  I wonder how often the social aspect of school is hard for you.  I bet it's harder than you let on.  I think the la…

Isaiah 66:9

Knowing Him More