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The holy ache of grace and forgiveness.I could not ask for more, but how I continue to fight His grace.He asks me, “Don’t you know who you are?”I sit and wonder at what that could mean.

Who am I?

Is it possible to still not completely know?Yet, in my heart one voice shouts, “Cheater, liar, adulteress, sinner!Selfish, ungrateful, forgotten, unworthy!”All true; but a greater truth speaks gently through the din, “Daughter, warrior, Mine.Redeemed, loved, made worthy, treasured.”

Daughter.Daughter.I speak the word out loud.“Daughter.”The same word He speaks over me, “Daughter, don’t you know who you are?”

I am blown away.

The Star-Breather, the One who made the universe so massive you can’t even see Earth from way out in space, sees ME, and calls me Daughter.

I sit and think about the many breakfasts and conversations my earthly daddy and I have.He loves me, yet how much more does my Creator love me?I can’t even begin to imagine.Daughter.

And then, of all possible things, He named me Warrior.Warr…

Not Guilty

NOT GUILTY- Mandisa ****************** I stand accused
There's a list a mile long
Of all my sins
Of everything that I've done wrong
I'm so ashamed

There's nowhere left for me to hide
This is the day
I must answer for my life
My fate is in the Judge's hands
But then He turns to me and says

I know you, I love you
I gave My life to save you
Love paid the price for mercy
My verdict not guilty

How can it be?
I can't begin to comprehend
What kind of grace
Would take the place for all my sin?

I stand in awe
Now that I have been set free
And the tears well up
As I look at that cross
'Cause it should have been me

My fate was in the nail scarred hands
He stretched them out for me
And said

I know you, I love you
I gave My life to save you
Love paid the price for mercy
My verdict not guilty

I'm falling on my knees to thank You
With everything I am I'll praise you
So grateful for the words I heard
You say

I know you, I love you
I gave My life
I know you, I love…

Amazing Grace

I run because I ache.
The tears form, but they refuse to fall.
 I am broken inside, yet soheld together by grace.
 I am stubborn; my heart hard yet shattered.
 Jesus gives and takes away. 
Some days every moment sears more than the one before it. 
Some days, it is everything to believe that His grace is truly sufficient.
 To trust in God's Father heart. 
To accept His grace and forgiveness.
 I forget that lovedreigned (intentional spelling :)) down in 39 lashes and nails pounded into flesh. 
That He isn't in a tomb. 
That He is already in the future moments of my life. 
How He showers this ungrateful heart with lavish gits that boldly say,

"I love you, you are Mine." 

We are so UNWORTHY.
"We can fully embrace God's love only when
we recognize how completely unworthy of it we are."
                                                    (Ann Tatlock)

Amazing grace.  Amazing love.  For me.  The broken.  The redeemed.


Change.  What a word.  It describes my life.  My house.  My job.  My friends.  A blessing, yet how it makes ache come.  I remember this past week with a mixture of emotion.  There were many lasts, a few firsts, but many lasts.  Those lasts, I treasure.  There only a few to be mentioned here.  There was the last time I slept in the room that I've had since I moved here last January.  There was the last time being in that room with a room mate, something that I had gotten used to.  There was the last time doing laundry in our good old laundry room.  The last time having someone go through both doors in my room, just passing through.  The last time.  Some days the lasts can be so overwhelming, too filled with heavy.  Grace blessed by giving me a weekend to, in some ways, forget the lasts.  A weekend filled with laughter, sunshine, good food.  Yet, coming back to the house, I was overcome by the reality that once again my life is about to be changed drastically.  My heart rebelled at …