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One Red Bag

A day of stories.  This is the story of one red bag.  She walked in with crowds, but I didn't see her until I heard her mother angrily wondering where she was.  Then, I saw her, 5 or 6 years older than me; but very worn.  Her face tired, her heart aching, baby soon to come.  She didn't have enough money, so she kept putting the little one's clothes back on the racks.  Her face said, angry; but her heart said, weeping.  I heard the words her mom kept saying, and I wondered what I could do to help her.  I thought I lost my chance, but...then she came back.  I asked her if she would receive a blessing, she looked at me as though I were crazy, then the tears came, along with a heart-aching, grateful hug.  I don't know what her story was, but her heart was bleeding out there for all the world to see.  But, no one noticed. 

Where have we failed?  That we could only see people who are down on their luck, no jobs.  We know they need Jesus and we say so.  We pour ourselves into…