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Thoughts of 7 precious shooting stars, bring back an evening that still holds immense value.  It's amazing when you choose to praise, what all can happen.  Your world might be falling into a million little shattered pieces because of horrible news, but God is still there.  You might be worn down from fear pressing in on every side, but God is still there.  Your heart might ache from pain long pushed aside, but God is still there.  You might be weary from the journey, struggling to keep your footing, but God is still there.  You might be numb to feeling, to tears, to even feeling God, but He is still there.  Maybe it's when those things occur: no feeling, no tears, questioning if God is there, maybe that's when the most precious trust is built between Abba and his Children.  Maybe it's His love coming through in a different way, He's only asking if we'll accept the new thing that He Himself trusts us with.  He WILL walk with us.  He promised. 

But now thus says …