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Idol Management

Those moments when that deep insecurity creeps in and you wonder where you confidence bounded off to. Funny how easy it is to forget how loved we are.
I've begun to realize just how easy it is for me to have idols.


Whether it is a possession, people's affirmation, bitterness, anger, my love of food.
If it takes the place of Jesus, it is an idol.
That may sound harsh. But, it is the truth.
And the crazy thing is, when I have idols, in my head I know they'll let me down.
So, I sit around patiently loving them, hoping they won't let me down.
I put my faith in them, adoring the temporary they bring.
Suddenly, my feet are swept out from under me and I hit my heart on a sharp corner of their betrayal.
I am shocked that they let me down.
I gently pick myself up, eager to see if I can find a way around this hurt.
I decide the idol is worth trying again, seemingly forgetting the pain it caused me.
Yet, a seed is planted, some seed of doubt in what I have place my…