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Fighting the Good Fight

I doubted today.
I doubted yesterday.
Doubted the past few weeks, really.
I didn't truly realize it until yesterday and today.
But I doubted.
Doubted that Jesus was listening.
Doubted that He heard my prayers.
There was even that small twinge of fear that wondered if maybe He wasn't even real. Wasn't there.
Angry and fearful tears and thoughts.
Forgetting that His perfect love cast out fear.
Forgetting that His perfect love isn't always comfortable.
Broken-hearted reactions.
Forgetting to be at His feet.
I kept wondering where His presence was.
Kept wondering where the feeling of His love was.
Kept wondering.  Because I knew way deep down.
Way deep down.  That I fully believed in Him.
And slowly, wise words started seeping into my soul....
The message was simple.

This journey isn't just a feeling.  Or about feeling. 
He is always there, He always cares.  He asks for our faith.
He ask us to trust His heart.
Trusting His heart is looking at the cross and accepting i…