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Showing posts from October, 2012
  It's been a little while since I've posted, but as usual there are things to say.  (Imagine that).  I am no longer in the clothes department, but now have the vast privilege of working in the shoe department.  For those of you who know me well, you would think this would be right up my alley.  In essence, it is; yet the department not only consists of shoes but also purses, hats, scarves, ties, things like that.  I am started to enjoy it, but it definitely is stretching.  It's a challenge juggling two departments and giving them my all, but I feel like I am slowly getting the hang of it. 
          People keep asking me how my knee is doing; the best I can say is that I'm running and jumping.  I honestly have no idea where exactly that I am.  My therapist told me that I should be officially done in two months, give or take.  It's crazy trying to find the time to do therapy and life out here.  I am so ready to be finished though; I miss playing sports and doing th…