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So this blog is officially for my mama :)  Last night I was playing volleyball; I jumped and landed and promptly fell down with a severe pain in my knee.  I was helped by two fabulous friends (though sadly who they were is all a haze now) over to the bench, where my sobbing knee was placed under inspection by a few people.  I decided it would probably be best to make my way back to my humble abode, so the ever gracious kramer drove me home.  We get home and she nicely takes my shoes off for me, fetches my pjs, got me water, meds and ice.  (She's awesome)  :)  I slept on the couch all night, a little fitfully, I might add; but all in all, I feel pretty rested.  I was told very emphatically that I'm not allowed to go to work today, which was a disappointment, since I really love what I'm doing; but oh well.  This morning, I went to the doctor's office, where they checked out my knee and very promptly told me to go get x-rays.  So off to the hospital Kramer and I traipsed…
Today was my third day of work at the thrift store; I am LOVING it!  Already quite a few memories have been made and will forever be treasured.  :)  They trained me on the register, which was a breeze seeing as I've done register for like the past 4 and a half years.  They also decided that I get to take over for one of the girls moving to the Canon City store.  Basically, I'll get to make sure that the money and receipts go to the right people, etc.  I was rather wowed that in the first week I was trained in for that, but I feel it to be a privilege and an honor!  I'm also learning how to tag, hang, and put the clothes on the racks out on the floor. 
       It's been interesting finding to time to just sit still in the craziness that is NHM, but it's a grand craziness, full of our Awesome God and the amazing people that He has placed here.  I live with 8 girls (for now, there will eventually be 3 more girls added to the mix!); and it's like having a t…
I'm officially here at NHM!  It's been great, but rather tiring!  Tomorrow will be the fourth day of orientation and the last.  It's been wonderful being in orientation, but thankfully it's only a half day.  I'm so excited to see what God has to offer out here.  No doubt there will be rough times, but His plan for our lives isn't always roses. 
         So far, my adventures have consisted of taking a way too long route to supper, and having some already wonderfully jolly times with new pals!  I'm so blessed to already have several fabulously new friends (that are heading toward sisterhood)!  Enough for now :)