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Rise Up..

Before I actually post this for the world to see, these are things that God is teaching me..has been teaching me..this is more for me..than anyone else.  My pray is that my heart is seen here..that love could be read through these words..that God would protect anyone who reads this, from anything that is not of Him in this post and that He would show me if there is, so that I can change it..that greatness could be brought back to the Kingdom of God for His glory.  That mighty warriors of all peoples would rise up, making our Father, Savior, and Comforter famous.  That the body of Christ would no longer be denominations, but a body of believers brought together by the common thread of Jesus' sacrifice for us.  

Rise up..
Rise up..
Rise up..
Rise up oh, men of God.
This keeps running through my brain in a never-ending loop...
Rise up..

Malachi 4:6
"And He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the l…

Another New Chapter

Those final lasts. 
That last moment of driving crazy, watching the mountains pass me by.
That last moment of sharing pastry-filled talks.
That last moment of aching tear-streaming faces, & heart-crying memories.
That last load of laundry....
Only to have to send one more load through, because of sending my chapstick through, one last time.
Those final memories of companions you've had for the last long moments of your life.
Those final aching moments before turning the page.
That moment when you say, "I'll see you later."
That moment.
Thank God, it's only a moment.
There will be more......