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Counting excessive blessings today, blessings poured from a wounded and beautiful hand.  How is it that one soul can experience joy from flashing red and blue lights?  How a first can terrify, shake to the core, yet fill with a happy so odd that it's unexplainable.  How grateful one becomes when the longing for the Savior starts to come on strong.  When moments are needed, moments just spent with Him.  I'm finding that I don't need to constantly be rigid in how I find Him, that's not who He is.  It's not about a schedule or routine, but a secret finding Jesus in the little moments.  Finding the gospel in the hard things, finding love in broken, finding grateful in ache.  Blessings seem to come in all forms, shapes and sizes-people, weather, a song, simply life.  I long to reach out and touch and receive some of those blessings, to hold, to give back.  Some days the ache of life seeps in and touches a broken part of me.  It takes the breath right out of me, and leav…