So this blog is officially for my mama :)  Last night I was playing volleyball; I jumped and landed and promptly fell down with a severe pain in my knee.  I was helped by two fabulous friends (though sadly who they were is all a haze now) over to the bench, where my sobbing knee was placed under inspection by a few people.  I decided it would probably be best to make my way back to my humble abode, so the ever gracious kramer drove me home.  We get home and she nicely takes my shoes off for me, fetches my pjs, got me water, meds and ice.  (She's awesome)  :)  I slept on the couch all night, a little fitfully, I might add; but all in all, I feel pretty rested.  I was told very emphatically that I'm not allowed to go to work today, which was a disappointment, since I really love what I'm doing; but oh well.  This morning, I went to the doctor's office, where they checked out my knee and very promptly told me to go get x-rays.  So off to the hospital Kramer and I traipsed.  I probably won't hear about the x-rays until Monday at my doctor's appointment, but pray that nothing's broken.  They won't be able to tell anything about the ACL I don't think, but I am just praying that I didn't tear it.  

I will not lie, it was a little hard not to be a bit angry at God about this, but as I kept on thinking, I started to wonder about  a few things.  Like, maybe He's telling me to simply be a Mary for now, to let Martha go and simply rest in Him.  I'm also beginning to be really excited about what He's going to do through this and how He'll be glorified!  It's kind of crazy exciting to think about it like that.  Anyway, I should probably post this before Kramer gets on my case about not having my foot up!  



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