She tells me, in words quickly written, about her messy heart.
I smile, I see her for what she is...beautiful.
We cry over the black pieces of our hearts, our broken places that we react out of.

My sister-friend, this daughter of my King:
We sharpen each other, we cry together, we fight for the Kingdom together.
Oh, my friend, lets dance under the stars tonight! 
Let's thankfully twirl under this vast black sky that will turn blue, bright-filled with love, in the morning.
I want to laugh with joy for the battles won today.
Others may look on, and think we're crazy.
They may not see this battle we're fighting.
But, let's not care.  Let's just sing for grace tonight.
I want to smile and praise in the face of this one who fights to destroy us.
To shout "Hosanna" for the grace given.
Glory given to the Only One in this vast land who deserves it.
He reigns tonight, sister-friend.
He reigned last night, He'll reign every day, until forever in eternity!
All those tears we've cried, all those things we've given up.
They don't even compare to what we'll see in His glory one day.
It's given.
Let's receive it tonight.
I'm celebrating.
We're sung over.
Beautiful Sister-Friend.
You are adored and loved.
So Sister-Friend, let's worship.


  1. Oh, Kell Bell. (Can I call you Kell Bell? Okay, great.) I love your blog. I really do. Not like how people love gummy bears and TOMs. But it speaks to me. Your words resonate with me, and they are always refreshing. This post is just---gah, I can't even put it into words. Amazing, since I talk a lot! You are very in touch with the way of writing; don't ever forget that you are very talented in that area. Keep your head up, Darling!

    Xxxx, Brooke

  2. P.S. I will dance under the stars with you any night.<3


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