Amazing Grace

I run because I ache. 
The tears form, but they refuse to fall.
 I am broken inside, yet so held together by grace.
 I am stubborn; my heart hard yet shattered.
 Jesus gives and takes away. 
Some days every moment sears more than the one before it. 
Some days, it is everything to believe that His grace is truly sufficient.
 To trust in God's Father heart. 
To accept His grace and forgiveness.
 I forget that loved reigned (intentional spelling :)) down in 39 lashes and nails pounded into flesh. 
That He isn't in a tomb. 
That He is already in the future moments of my life. 
How He showers this ungrateful heart with lavish gits that boldly say,

"I love you, you are Mine." 

We are so UNWORTHY.
"We can fully embrace God's love only when
we recognize how completely unworthy of it we are."
                                                    (Ann Tatlock)

Amazing grace.  Amazing love.  For me.  The broken.  The redeemed.


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