The holy ache of grace and forgiveness.  I could not ask for more, but how I continue to fight His grace.  He asks me, “Don’t you know who you are?”  I sit and wonder at what that could mean. 

 Who am I? 

 Is it possible to still not completely know?  Yet, in my heart one voice shouts, “Cheater, liar, adulteress, sinner!  Selfish, ungrateful, forgotten, unworthy!”  All true; but a greater truth speaks gently through the din, Daughter, warrior, Mine.  Redeemed, loved, made worthy, treasured.” 

  Daughter.  Daughter.  I speak the word out loud.  “Daughter.”  The same word He speaks over me, “Daughter, don’t you know who you are?” 

 I am blown away.   

The Star-Breather, the One who made the universe so massive you can’t even see Earth from way out in space, sees ME, and calls me Daughter.  

 I sit and think about the many breakfasts and conversations my earthly daddy and I have.  He loves me, yet how much more does my Creator love me?  I can’t even begin to imagine.  Daughter. 

 And then, of all possible things, He named me Warrior.  Warrior!  Not only did He call me Warrior, but He carefully specified that I would know that I am of noble birth.  The name He gave me through my parents I used to hate, but He literally called me Warrior of noble birth.  He wanted me to KNOW that I am fighting royalty.  Now it is an honor to have this name.   

And Mine.  His.  Really?  Truly?  His.  Wow.  I am His warring daughter.  But even more than that. 

 I am HIS.  Satan can’t claim me anymore.  Those chains are broken.  Saved by grace.  Redeemed by love.



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