A Letter to Anyone

Dear man-in-the-suit, to busy to notice all the people around you.  You are noticed.  Maybe not by all the people around us, but there is One.  I wonder if you know Him.  Could you tell me how to continue on?  Could you tell me how His heart is?  Or have you chosen not to notice?  I really don't know, I'm just curious.  I see you talking so passionately to whoever is on the other end of your headset; I wonder if my passion for talking to God looks like that.  Ahhh, is my worship more than just words or the occasional hour or two every week?  Man-in-the-suit, thank you for the perspective you will never know that you gave me.

Dear boy-finding-yourself, you walked in, I almost think you were scared of yourself and everything and everyone around you.  You timidly walked near a table that was a bit away from my chair, your actions speaking largely of insecurity.  I wonder how often the social aspect of school is hard for you.  I bet it's harder than you let on.  I think the lady that came and talked to you is your tutor and again those insecurities surfaced.  It made me wonder why.  I think if I knew you, I'd tell you that you are worth something and that one day you'll probably be that person that other people look up to.  I'd tell you to keep going and not to give up, that life does work itself out.  I'd tell you that Jesus really is the answer to everything.  I should tell you.  But, boy-finding-yourself, I totally understand fear.  So, I will sit here for a moment and simply pray that a man of God will be placed in your life to be your friend.  And, I will remember you, remember you so that I will make a practice of reaching out.

Dear woman-in-the-season-of-unknowns, you inspire me.  You encourage me.  I know you think you have very little connection to your Father at the moment, but you blew me away last night with how you recognized the season you're in.  You recognized the problem, you told me the solution, you acknowledged the tunnel of pain is a process.  Oh my beautiful Sister, this darkness can't stay, the morning will come again; and with it a bright new tomorrow.  A tomorrow filled with new mercies straight from the heavenlies.  Woman-in-the-season-of-unknowns, He's not done.  Your story, your desires, He can and will use them.  You are His Daughter; His grace is enough.

Dear family-pursuing-the-heart-of-God, you are blessed and highly favored.  You are getting to experience the greatness of our God!  No resume of great deeds done, you have only to trust and rely on His Hand to pour into your lives.  Oh, how you intrigue and inspire me with your hearts and your trust in Jesus.  I loved your stories, your words of restoration and freedom, I am blessed to have met more brothers and sisters.  I can't wait to follow your lives and stories and maybe even one day get to take part in a deeper friendship with you.  Family-pursuing-the-heart-of God, the shadows might close in, but the Light in your hearts is the Spirit of God.  I see chains breaking in the wake of you sharing the glory of God with those devastated and broken.  You are His hands and feet.

Dear Me, you know how you worry and wonder?  You know how you try so hard to be perfect?  Guess what?  You can let go of all that, today; and not even just today, but right now.  You know those memories you have of certain reactions you used to have?  You can look and give specific examples right now how there are changes now.  The thing is, those changes didn't happen by you being perfect.  Remember?  It was actually in your imperfection and searching the heart of your Savior that those changes happened.  It was in your brokenness and honesty that you started becoming who you are now.  No, you aren't done.  You never will be.  Will there be days when it feels like you might never get there?  Absolutely.  You are going to get upset, you might even relapse for a second, but Me, I've watched you stumble and get right back up.  You haven't given up, and He hasn't given up on you.  He loves you with that everlasting love that He talks about.  Are you able to grasp that Love deeply in your heart right now?  No, but He wants you to seek Him with your whole heart.  When you do that, you'll find Him.  So, don't give up.  Allow Him to call out the warrior in you.


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