Fix My Eyes on You

I sit, my heart in knots. 
It came in the form of a "you're beautiful" moment.
I grin to myself, as I feel slightly not myself; and I know where to go. 
Then, I pull back and whisper quietly, “why? Daddy, why?” 
I step back a moment, step back into the Arms of Grace. 
He shows me gently where I have grown.
 He cries the tears that I can’t, the ones that my numb heart won’t let out. 
How I long for that stream of freedom to run down my face. 
They have are a grace-filled, funny blessing.
 Healing, freeing.
 I think through all the chaos of the last few weeks, the changes up and coming, the not-knowing what will happen in each tomorrow, the learning to trust Him in the middle of the “I-don’t-knows.”
 In the middle of scorching turmoil, I sit and thank Him for a new, precious friend; a friend who inspired me by the number 7. 
Such grace, crazy how one is blessed in the most wonderful of odd ways.

 He just knows. 

My Daddy knows.
 I forget most days how He loves me.
 I forget that He sings over me.
 I forget that He knows my heart.
 I forget that He thinks I’m beautiful. 
I forget that He created me and loved me to life. 
So for today, I hold it close and treasure the grace. 
Tomorrow will take care of itself, because He’s in control.

So, my eyes, remain fixed on Him.
Water-walker, I shall become.


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