God has a funny sense of humor..I'm going to admit that I don't always get it.  It would be so ideal to have my leg quickly heal and simply get better, but I'm sure He's got something wonderful in mind.  I'm not quite sure what all is going to happen yet, but I would love it if ya'll would keep praying for healing.  I do know that whether He decides to heal miraculously, or chooses to use a doctor to heal me, that He will be glorified and good absolutely will come out of it.

So working at the store has been so intriguingly interesting.  Right now I'm helping with stuff in the back, since my leg is not working the way it should.  I've experienced quite the conversations, and there are never any dull moments.  For example, yesterday was Saturday.  Great day, many giggles, I have decided though that those giggles were paint-fume induced.  What the guys were doing boggles my mind, but all I know is that one moment I was sane and the next I couldn't stop giggling.  It's been quite the adventure, and I'm so glad to be here. Oh, my room is officially black and blue now..the color is magnificent...and sometime I will post pictures, either on facebook or here, I have yet to decide which one.  So, do keep a lookout!  Anyhoo, it's time to go find some dreams!



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