One Year Later

If I have my dates correct, tomorrow a year ago was a day that my face went white from shock and I could barely stomach my breakfast. I remember exactly where I was sitting, and my eyes well just thinking about that moment. A great man had suddenly and unexpectedly received his reward and had gone to be with Jesus. My heart still wrenches today for those who deeply love him. I remember sitting in church the next morning; I don't think anyone had a dry eye. We all felt the loss, all mourned.

                           Tragedy was faced today. It has a magnificent power
                              to break hearts in two, yet bring people together
                         in love and community. Sitting in church this morning  
                       listening to the sweet strains of "Nearer My God to Thee" 
                                 on a violin made tears spring to my eyes.

My heart is still filled with so many questions. I know that God is sovereign, faithful, and loving. I know that He saw all that pain, carried this great man's wife, children, and grandchildren through. I just don't understand why he had to go, why there will be so many things that he will miss.
                        In control He is, and sometimes I fight this, 
                                but grace, grace...incredible grace.

So a year later, I honor him again. This kind, gracious man who loved everyone well.

I remember this gentle man, full of wit. I treasure how he saw each person he spoke. I can't help but smile at remembering his grin, his laughs, his jokes. He was one of kind. I always admired the hard way that he worked, though I never thought to tell him. He always loved with his full heart, his smile lighting up each room or area that he was in. He teased a lot, but you always knew that you were loved by him.

I honor and lift up his family, this family who seemed to have never-ending turmoil, but how they persevered. How they held to the gloriously goodness of Jesus. And I can't wait to see him again. See him surrounded by his children and grandchildren. I might sit at the edge and listen as he shares hilarious stories. What a day that will be.


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