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He Is Absolutely Good

Weeks have gone by, weeks full of waiting, wondering, and weariness. In the waiting, there was learning. In the wondering questions, there came a wonder of the Creator. In the weariness, there was always, always rest. An age-old and Biblical truth was reminded deep within my heart. <He [Jesus] is always good.> ALWAYS. My heart and mind may betray me, may tell me that He is not. But, He is. It is the one thing that has given me ground to stand on these last few crazy months. He is good. 

One tends to ponder His goodness when remembering ISIS or Pastor Saeed or the atrocities of bombing or the abuse of children/adults. We see so much brokenness today that it can seem easy to wonder if He is there. I am here to share an absolute. He IS here. It feels scary and a bit messy to try to explain my thoughts, but I have learned several things in the past few years. 

-I have learned that His divine plan for us was never how we are living in the world today (in essence, the sin and brokenness we see today was NEVER part of His divine plan). Sin entered this world because of human choices made, it was never God’s intention for sin to be in the world. So look around, the murders, the rapes, the racial discrimination, etc., those were not ever supposed to be a part of this world.
-I have learned that while these things occur, He is still God; and He is still good. He is sovereign. These things are being allowed, yes. We may not always understand them. Trust me when I say that from a human perspective I would have every right to be angry at things that have happened in my life (post of this one day maybe?), and to question God on the “whys”. But, I have seen Him turn broken pieces into beauty that was breathtaking. He is good to take our pains and turn them from a terror into a blessing.
-I have learned that I may never fully understand all that has happened, is happening, or will happen; but I know that as His Daughter, I can trust His heart for me. He knows the plans He has for me. They may have hardship, but they are plans for good, for a future, plans that eternally won’t harm me.
-I have learned that in the middle of the storm, He is closer than I think. In the darkness of that hurricane, He is the whispering that gives me grace and encouragement to go on in the middle of feeling so weak I can barely go on. He is the quiet strength that stirs deep in me when all I can see is questions that devastate. 

My absolute is this: that He is good. He is sovereign.


  1. Somehow came across your blog!I don't know you at all. But you have a lot of great stuff here!And I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading!keep on writing!

  2. Somehow came across your blog!I don't know you at all. But you have a lot of great stuff here!And I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading!keep on writing!


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