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The Meadow

He says, “Write again.” I ask Him why. Nothing good comes from me, but in You. My hope has been dry lately, not flowing like a river in the wilderness. I look and I remember the meadow. That oh so beautiful place of hope that I long to one day see.
It is a wonderful place, so filled with rest. My heart aches to be there. I saw Him there once. I think it was before I started to dance in the middle of the meadow. He sat on a bench near the edge, trees shading the seat on which He sat. I saw myself there, His hands holding mine. In that picture, I was young. So very young. I remember the questions, so many “whys”. Gently, He said, “when you’re ready.” I didn’t know what that meant. When would I ever not be ready to understand? Why couldn’t I know now? Why could freedom not simply come immediately? I asked Him to show me my heart.
Next I saw myself in the throne room, watching Him interact with the children. I saw one girl walk slowly toward Him, her head down. It seemed as though the world had given her all its worries, for her shoulders were slumped, her weariness dragging like an iron cloak. Her clothes were torn and dirty, mere rags compared to those laughing and dancing around her. I sensed more than saw her desire for His love. I could feel her longing to dance, laugh, and sing in His presence. I had yet to see this young girl’s face, and as she lifted her head slightly to peer up at Him, I gasped, for I saw that it was me. Tears welled in my eyes; I knew why she was there. Her head downcast again, she shivered slightly as she felt His hand touch her shoulder. She looked up into His face; He reached down for her hand. As He lifted her to her feet, I gazed in wonder. Her rags were no longer; in their place she wore white, such splendid white. Knowing her heart, He had playfully woven pale pink into her gown of righteousness. She radiated femininity and purity, yet she also had a grace-filled strength that came straight from the One who held her. On her feet, I saw the shoes she had been longing for, for so long. Dancing shoes. I saw her smile, her heart filled with Him.
And suddenly there I was watching her dance in the meadow. Sunlight streamed through lacy trees swaying in a breeze so graceful. As she twirled, I saw how lush the meadow was. Bouquets of flowers woven with care through the bright green grasses, displayed a splendor far above man-made masterpieces. There was such a rest in the meadow, and I turned to see what caused such peace. I looked over to the bench; my heart jumped. He was there, watching her dance. His joy and delight in her was evidenced on His face. I wondered if that was truly how He saw me. And then, a rush of rushes swept over me; He glanced my way. He said, “Yes. Yes, my Love, this is how I see you. Hear how the birds sing, and the crickets chirp? See the beauty in the sunlight dancing with you? Feel that clear air that you delight in taking breath? This is my song over you. The things you delight in? They are from Me just for you. Your disobedience brought to a place of rags, but your longing for Me brought you to a place of repentance. That repentance is bringing you to a place of joy. See how you dance? I have plans for you, good ones; plans for your future, plans for you to dance. Wait a while my Love; sit in my presence. When you’re ready the meadow will be yours.”


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