Perseverance in Preparation

I saw another picture of God today.
As is my usual Wednesday afternoon habit, I was sitting watching people go by.  My eye happened to light on a father and son, stopping to order food.  As I watched, I realized the little boy reminded me  He walked hand in hand into this new place with his dad.  A little timid at first, he eventually shrugged off the shyness, let go of his dad's hand, and wandered around a bit.  All directions, really, in front, beside, behind...but always near his dad.  He would look up, asking questions, receiving "wait" more than once.  His face fell, and moved on to wandering a bit further away.  I wanted to tell him that his dad was only getting him something to eat, that it wouldn't be long.  He kept wandering, his dad always knowing where he was.  He finally wandered back to his dad, grabbed his hand and asked another question.  His dad leaned down, listening, replying.  The little boy calmed, finally relaxing.  And they walked off to enjoy some amazing food. 

And I was for me.  How so often I walk into a new place with Jesus, clinging to Him.  Time goes on, and it feels like we're at a standstill, nothing is happening.  I get distracted and comfortable, and I start to wander off on my own, letting go of the hand that guides me.  Finally, desperate, thirsty, I go back to Him begging again for my answers, and He doesn't answer.  Not trusting Him blocks me from realizing that He is preparing something good for me.  It isn't that He hasn't heard me.  I wander some more.  I go back with the same desperation, choosing this time, to cling to Him, and in time, I know...I know He will give me what He's preparing.


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