I Saw God Today

I saw God today.  I saw Him in the hands that gently helped his dear wife climb in out and of the bed.  I saw it in the way he took care of her.  I was extravagantly blown away by their story and stories.  And I have so much more to hear.  God crazy how when there is sacrifice, blessing comes, how when you go to give, more often than not, you walk away being the one blessed.  So I sat, and listened.  I saw her tears as she told me of her emotion, her apologies for her tears.  I told her it’s ok.  Tears are meant to be poured out, how her sharing of herself made her, oh, so very real to me.  I saw her joy in her wisdom-filled eyes as she spoke life into me, experience flowing into wisdom words, grateful love as she told me about him.  It’s been nearly three years since she has been able to do much of anything.  Three years of pain, doctors, and unknowns.  And I watched him, like a chef, prepare her lunch with such care, each little detail important to him.  He tells me that he has few moments to go actually do work that needs to be done, she’s his life.  But not once did I hear either of them complain, all I heard was, “honey, darlin', & dimple dumplin'.”  I smile as I remember, sunlight streaming in her windows, him joking because it made her laugh.  He, her warrior, fighting back that depression for her.  And grace, how I saw it in his face.  And I saw God today.


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