By His Wounds We Are Healed

*This post is in honor of a dear friend and sister*

Daughter wounded. 
He will heal your wounds.  Those wounds you hide so deep.
Daughter aching.  
He feels your ache.  That ache you think no one else could understand.
Daughter hiding.  
He knows your hiding place.  That place that really doesn't feel safe to you.
Daughter crying.
He sees your tears.  Those tears you cry when you think no one is watching.

Baby girl, I know this next week will be one of your hardest weeks ever.  I see it on your face; I hear it in certain things you say and do.  I feel your pain so deep some days, that the tears run over, brimming for you and what you feel.   I ache to see you carry so much, yet for some crazy reason I completely understand this strength you've built.  Our stories are so vastly different, but that doesn't matter.  The graciousness of God for bringing us together as sisters in Christ is amazing.  I see your heart, I see the way you are trying, I see your grace.  Beautiful girl, He'll heal your heart.  He'll bring you out of this earth-shattering ache of a valley.  By His wounds we are healed.  By His aching, bleeding, broken heart and body we are healed. 



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