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        The days here have been super crazy, but exceedingly fun!  Some seriously hilarious moments, like someone asking what rubber bands are made of :)  (I promise, it wasn't me)  I'm loving the weather out here; it's not nearly as humid as Ohio, for which I'm super grateful.  Lately, we've been down at the guys house enjoying fires on random off evenings, and tonight SMORES :) 
         There are a lot of changes happening right now, at the mission, at the duplex, and in lives.  There are several people that have worked at the store in Pueblo for a while, but they are moving on.  It's exciting to see the changes in their lives and getting to be there to find out about their new chapters.  It's sad to see them go, but most change is actually good.  At the duplex, we're getting a dorm supervisor, as Kramer is moving to the office (she'll be paid staff).  In her place, Naomi Schrock will be taking her place.  My dear roomie and my lovely, quiet friend Ruth will also be moving out of the house as paid staff as well; but they'll still be working at the thrift store in Pueblo.  (For which I am seriously happy about).  Because of all these changes, we're supposed to be getting five new girls in September, which is going to be exciting and stretching.  So if ya'll would keep all this craziness in your prayers, that would be amazing. 
           I don't know how much I've shared about what I actually have been doing at the store since I'm back, but I shall enlighten you all now.  I started out not really knowing where I was in the store, and not knowing what I would be doing, but that has most definitely changed now.  I am in charge of the silent auction at our store, which I have been enjoying immensely.  I get to decide what goes out each week, and make the phone calls to the winning bidders.  I spent one day organizing the random categories; it looked pretty huge when I started but I was really proud of myself once I got most of it done.  Not only do I work with silent auction, but I also get to help Ruth do displays once a week.  Its an extremely enjoyable job, but there are moments when the inspiration runs out.  I've also been trained to sort clothes, which I also enjoy.  In addition, I also have the privilege of getting to run register, which has always been a favorite thing of mine to do.  I really think that I'm probably one of the most blessed kids out here, because I don't just have one job but many, keeping my life super interesting.  
           As always, God is super faithful and absolutely amazing.  The past two weeks have been a little on the side of rough, and it felt absolutely dry and I felt desperate.  Then, last night I did something super hard and painful, yet good.  I still don't know the outcome of what I did, but when I did it, I felt such an amazing release of freedom, and an overwhelming aliveness, that I know I did what God wanted.  The outcome may not be as I would like it to be, but God will honor obedience in any way that glorifies Him.  My prayer lately has been a desperate prayer of sorts.  I've been praying to know the heart of God, to not only know His heart but to actually HAVE His heart.  To not just pray a mundane prayer asking for it, but to be anguished for it, begging for it, crying out for more.  He is starting to honor that prayer, and I praise Him for it.  I'll never know how He's doing it, but in everything that I've been going through, He's making it easier to say, "I know He loves me even now," whenever crazy is happening.  He is always fighting for me, always loving me, always near me, simply waiting, wanting to me to know Him.  It's exciting, and to be honest, never before did I think that a learning to know God, and building that relationship could be exciting.  But wow.  HE is Risen, and He is good.  



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