Random thoughts have been going through my head all day.  God is so indescribably good, yet so often we run.  Run from His heart, run from what He has for us, run from surrender.  We look up at a clear night sky filled with the brightest of stars or a breathtaking sunset, and whisper, “Wow…only God.”  We see a God-only made canyon, admire a vast ocean, breathe in fresh air, and we sing the praises of God.  Yet, when it comes to trusting our full hearts to Him, our Daddy, we struggle against it.  We find any amount of excuses to get away from it, trying to find any number of things to fill the voids we feel.  For a while, it works, yet it does not truly work.  If it did, those aches would not come back.  We all know that, yet we keep running. 
                Is the running just another fix?  Maybe if we run fast enough, long enough, far enough, He’ll let us do what we think is best and sometimes He does.  But, that longing is always there; a longing to find more, to be more, to be loved, to be safe; and it can’t be filled by anything other than a relationship with the only true Daddy in the universe. 
                I often wonder how it can be that He still looks down upon me and wants me as His Daughter.  My only explanation, that God is good.  He takes the most broken-down things, the most scarred and ugly things, and remolds and rebuilds them into beautiful things for His glory.  Sometimes we get so angry at the fires we have to go through, yet He delights in the gold that comes through if we surrender to Him during the fire.  God doesn’t cause the fires to hurt us; He does it because of His love.  I’m finding that even in the brokenness, the pain, the fire, He starts to bring an understanding of His love.  He is good.


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